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about 3 hours


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Bransus courses can be done by everyone. You do not need experience or prior education.

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Tanden Bleek apparaat


Course Tooth Bleaching

Course Tooth Bleaching

The course is indivicual and very practical. You will learn by American fast techniques which are known all over the world.

Teeth are influenced by a daily life pattern such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea, being exposed to discoloration. This will be more visible in one peron than the other, in which age has a role too. Nobody likes coloured teeth. Some people are even ashamed of it when they laugh. And laughing is so attractive! The Course Tooth Bleaching offers a chance to have a radiant, white smile again by means of a short and safe treatment.


During this Cursus Tooth Bleaching you will learn to make a tailor-made teeth print whereof the whole surface of the own teeth is being bleached. Then the bit will be filled in a special way with bleach gel. After the first time the teeth 4 till 8 nuances lighter. Bleaching does not take place on crowns etc. This treatment does not damage teeth. You need to take a model for this. Including starter pack.



Bransus gives a 100% certificate guarantee.

If you do not master the complete contents after finishing the course you can have an additional free lesson. 




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